In order to change the story of your life, you must first imagine it as you would like it to be.

About Dr. Sharon Farber

I think of psychotherapy as an unusual kind of relationship and form of conversation. It can help you better understand some of the difficulties you have in other relationships and can help with problems of self-esteem. I feel honored to listen to the stories people tell about their lives. In order to change the story of your life, you must first imagine it as you would like it to be. I can help you create a new and better life story by providing you with a new and different perspective on your life. Hurry up and start winning with starburst casino at our casino. Limited supply!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, and so I use an integrated approach tailored to meet your specific needs. Need a little coaching? Some psychodynamic exploration?I selectively integrate psychodynamic with cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and family systems approaches. Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play spela casino med bankid. Increased odds for winning!

I am a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, licensed in New York and Connecticut. I maintain a private practice in psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and adults in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. I can help with problems around moods, anxiety, relationships, divorce, concerns about school or work. Special interests include eating disorders, body-image, self-injury and other mind-body problems, dissociation, ADHD, cult involvement, PANDAS, and creativity. I have taught at medical schools and schools of social work, at training institutes, and at the Cape Cod Institute. I have also served as a legal expert and am listed with Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA).

As one of Psychology Today’s online panel of experts, I write a blog about stress.

Education: Hunter College High School; BA, Barnard College; MSW, Hunter College School of Social Work; PhD, New York University School of Social Work.

Professional Training: Dr. Farber trained at the Institute for the Study of Psychotherapy and privately in psychoanalysis, child treatment, and eating disorders.

I am the author of several publications, including two books, When the Body Is the Target: Self-Harm, Pain, and Traumatic Attachments and Hungry for Ecstasy: Trauma, the Brain ,and the Influence of the Sixties.

How I Can Help You

Do you want to resolve difficulties in relationships with important people in your life?

  • problems with intimacy
  • marital or couples problems
  • decision to divorce or separate
  • parent-child relationship
  • relationships at work

Do you want to feel better about yourself?

  • worry less and feel less anxious
  • feel less depressed and have more energy
  • stop the mood cycles from high to low and back
  • stop the weight cycle from up to down and back again
  • stop harming yourself through eating disordered behavior, self-injury, or other addictive behavior
  • diminish physical symptoms for which doctors cannot find a cause

If you really want to change your life, call me at (914) 478-1924 for an appointment for a consultation.

Do You Want A Lively And Engaging Speaker?

Having worked with many people over the years, I have learned a great deal from the stories I have heard. My clients have been my best teachers. I enjoy bringing this knowledge to a larger audience, whether it be an organization, parent group, or group of mental health clinicians. I have spoken to small groups as well as groups of 300 people. I have also appeared on cable and network television (Good Day, New York; Travel Channel). Some of the topics I have spoken about include:

  • What Goes Wrong in Relationships
  • Psychotherapy: the Human Relationship
  • Becoming a Parent
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Weight Loss Surgery: A Magic Bullet?
  • Time to End the Obsession with Food, Weight, and Body Image?
  • What’s an Eating Disorder and What’s Normal Dieting? When You’re Crossing into the Danger Zone
  • Mental Illness in the Family
  • Dealing with Loss
  • The Terrible Twos
  • Separation Problems in Nursery School
  • Understanding Your Toddler: From Oneness to Separateness
  • Gimme Gimme, Buy Me Buy Me: Children, Money, and Greed
  • Surviving Your Child’s Adolescence
  • Discipline and Your Preschooler
  • What Parents Need to Know About Adolescent Depression and Suicide
  • The Effect of the Special Needs Child on the Family
  • Understanding and Coping with Your Preadolescent Youngster
  • Preschoolers’ Fears and Anxieties: Thunder, Nightmares, and Monsters Under the Bed
  • Impact of Divorce on Parents and Children
  • Cults: Who Joins and Why
  • Eating Problems, Self-Injury and Other Self-Harm in Children: How to Understand It and What to Do
  • Eating and Body Image Concerns for Parents
  • Adolescence: The Transition to Adulthood
  • When Adopted Kids Become Adolescents: Special Issues
  • Children of Divorce
  • Discipline and Your Preschooler
  • Understanding and Coping with Your Preadolescent Youngster
  • The Question of Forgiveness
  • PANDAS: Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections
  • Stalking as an Occupational Hazard for Physicians and Mental Health Professionals

If you want a lively engaging speaker, call me at (914) 478-1924.