Westchester Eating Disorders Consultation Services

Westchester Eating DisordersDo you often find yourself…

  • Tired of the scale determining whether you feel good or bad about yourself?
  • Thinking “fat thoughts” and talking “fat talk”? Seeing yourself as fat and ugly?
  • Sick and tired of thinking about food?
  • Tired of the diet-binge-diet-cycle?
  • Thinking that nothing works for you and it’s time for weight loss surgery?
  • Compelled to eat, starve, exercise, purge or otherwise harm yourself?
  • Hiding food, laxatives or diet pills from others? Becoming more secretive about your eating behavior? Isolating yourself?
  • Concerned that other aspects of your life seem to be out of control (drugs, alcohol, self-injury, sex, shopping, shoplifting, painful relationships)?
  • Living more with pain than with pleasure?
  • Worried about dizziness, heart palpitations, weakness, bleeding, lack of periods?
  • Concerned that someone you care about, child or adult, may have a problem with food?

You may wonder…

  • How do I know that my therapist has the special understanding about my eating problems that I need?
  • How can I find a therapist who will respect my wishes and not try to control me?
  • With everyone trying to become thin, how can I be sure I really do have an eating or body image problem?
  • How do I know if I need individual, group, or family therapy? Nutritional counseling? Medication?
  • Am I in any medical danger? What can I do to protect myself if I am, even if I am not ready to give up my eating behavior?