Writing Consultation Clinicians’ Writing Group

Writing had been a passion of mine long before I had any professional training. So much clinical writing is bad, dry, and boring, creating obstacles to being read. No matter how technical or scientific the material you are writing about, good writing is lively and engages the reader.

I have written two books, several journal articles, newspaper articles and blogs, in addition to having served as an editor for the Clinical Social Work Journal. I have also been awarded the Phyllis W. Meadow award for excellence in psychoanalytic writing.

I offer individual consultation about writing as well as a writing group for clinicians who want to write for publication. If interested in private consultation, send me an email or call me about your interest.

Those in my writing group find that just being in the group gets them to start to write regularly. You do not need inspiration. You just need to get started. The group also serves as an invaluable means of support. For those unable to come to my office for the writing group, participation is still possible through the telephone.

The clinicians’ writing group meets once a month, usually the third Friday of the month, from 9-10: 30 am, Eastern time. When holiday weekends interfere with this schedule, another Friday will be selected. To join, a commitment to participate and pay for eight months is required, pre-paying the $70. fee prepaid for the eight months ($560. U.S.). If you are interested or want to know more, you can email or call me at 914 478-1924.

At the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center, I teach a course Writing for Health and Emotional Well-Being.